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Buy Shadow Warrior: Special Edition from the Humble Store
Shadow Warrior: Special Edition includes the following bonus content:Shadow Warrior is a bold reimagining of the classic 3D Realms' shooter from independent developer Flying Wild H...
WorldB tagtagBest post so far on how rumble is scored notes this:
Win: 70% of the percent of damage taken rounded down subtracted from 100 will be your score.
Lose: 20% of the percent of damage done to your opponent rounded up added to 5 will be your score.
WorldB tagtagThe Bar Crawl battleground effect is coming this Thursday 7/20/17 and will run until 8/31/17. All Drunk cards will have 50% increased Attack and Health during this event.
midniteblueeyes tagtagguys im working 2 jobs i have no more computer at home and my phone isn't connecting to animation throwdown so im trying to play when i can but it doesnt look good ive just got to play one round since rumble began im sorry im letting my peeps down og if possible play as much as u can on my account later guys
[BTO] Tef42 tag  created a new thread new Art disc deck for new event in the Animation Throwdown forum
WorldB tagtagBusy Week on AT: The new Guild Siege event will be released next Tuesday. Then a new rumble starts on Thursday
[BTO] ogsixer tag  Just a heads up WorldB, I start work on the 14th and work until the begining of next month. I will try my hardest to hit every rumble match. Just PM on here if you need me and I havent played. I will get an email about it and may be able to do it.
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WorldB tagtagRumble Schedule Change

Recently we changed Rumbles to occur starting every 2 weeks. Due to the new Guild Siege event and player feedback we are updating the Rumble schedule.

The next Rumble will start on 7/13 and will START every 3 weeks - so the following Rumble will start on 8/3.
Event Reward Updates

We have been reviewing the event rewards and plan to make updates to ALL event rewards (Challenges, Brawls, Rumbles). The focus of the update is to increase the amount of rewards in every tier (especially lower tiers), and provide each event with its own unique set of rewards. This update will occur within the next couple of weeks, and we will send out a Mailbox reminder in game the day before the update to avoid confusion. The update will not affect any events in progress, and it will be released in several weeks near the release of Guild Sieges.
WorldB tagtagRidiculously good result in Rumble:
Captured with Lightshot
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