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WorldB tagtagOg - do you want to close BT for the remainder of the rumble? Unlikely that anyone wanders in for the remainder that will play or help us.
[BTO] Tef42 tag  created a new thread New Buff New Deck in the Deck Building forum
WorldB tagtagThe next battleground effect, Macchina Magnifica, begins 5/25/17 at 18:00 GMT. The battleground effect will cause all Armed cards to Punch for 30% of their base Attack value, and be Healed by 20% of their base Health every turn.
New cycling events have been added! Keep an eye out for these challenging events in the future for the opportunity to earn new rewards!
A Bonus Coins event is coming this Memorial Day weekend! Earn 25% Bonus Coins in the Arena and Adventures this Weekend!
[BTO] ogsixer tagtag  added 30 Ultimate days to Blood Tithings
WorldB tagtagOg - please see guild chat for an offer to merge with another AT guild. Contact person was aemaeths. Joined our guild and then left so you can see the name in guild activity
[BTO] ogsixer tagtag  Just waiting for him to log on.
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WorldB tagtag  created a new thread Challenges in At in the Animation Throwdown forum
[BTO] Tef42 tagFREE GAME: Time limited, 21 Hours remaining : [link]
Buy Dungeons 2 from the Humble Store
The Dungeon Lord is back - and this time he's serious! In Dungeons 2, fulfil the Dungeon Lord's insatiable quest for vengeance by recruiting fearsome new monsters from all corners ...
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hardtimz714 tagSCOtag  registered to Blood Tithings
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WorldB tagtagAT sports special event complete. Think about changes you need to make to your deck
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