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We are a Multi-Gaming Community of adults that have a passion for gaming. All of us help each other become better gamers. Helping the community is a vital part of making us strong. We respect each other for who they are, not what they bring to the games. A tithing is a group that gets together for a common goal. In the days of old, it was usually war. But for us it's gaming. A tithing bound in blood, like a family so to speak. No real blood is used. =)

Use of Teamspeak 3 is recommended but not required to be in this community. If you have any questions, direct them to a member of Officer rank or higher. If you haven't already, head over to our policies section and take a look at the not so many rules we enforce.

What is a tithing? Click Here to find out.


Blood Tithings started out as a small group of M:TGO players that met in a different guild, but did not share the same mindset with the then guild leader. In 2010, the 2 that put everything in motion were Lobo and Runch. They set up a website and a VOIP before anyone had even joined. Then as the majority was set up, came the "Power 9" as I liked to call them. AKAReaper, Julie, ed1g1tal, Tef4242, leftbehind4you, WDeath, and the current leader ogsixer. We were always in the multiplayer lobby and wrecking fools and holding weekly card tournaments for members only, it was a good time. More and more started joining in and the birth had begun. Soon a handful started playing LoL back when it was new and we came up with an idea to not limit ourselves to just one game, we should be a multi-gaming guild. As soon as we started recruiting our friends in LoL we had an explosion of more members. We started holding monthly LoL tournaments as well and that brought even more attention. With more games being added to the guild more and more kept joining, all sharing the idea of being an adult only casual guild. And we are still going strong today!

As with most, people do come and go, the two founders had real life interfere with BT. Runch got promoted to a traveling position and is rarely home or online anymore and Lobo is still around and pops in once in awhile to say "Hi" but has moved many times (5 times currently) with work since the birth and did not have time to keep up with the website and handed over ownership to OG to keep it going strong and he has. 

I can't believe what a ragtag group of friends has turned into in the past 6 years! I am so glad to be apart of it and always will. I can only imagine where we will be in another 6 years! What a great community of gamers, nothing like it anywhere else! So grateful for all of those that have made the decision to make BT so great and of all the friendships I have made and still making. Hope to jump in a game with each and everyone of you!


List of Guilds Made By Blood Tithings
Guild NameOriginal CreatorTypeGameServerFactionStatus
Blood Tithings Runch Clan Magic The Gathering Online Live N/A Inactive
Nightmares of God ogsixer Ranked Practice Team League of Legends North America N/A Closed by Riot
The House of Death
ogsixer Fleet Star Trek Online Holodeck KDF Inactive
Blood Tithings ogsixer Ranked Team Heroes of the Storm Live N/A Inactive - Level 40 Accounts Only
Blood Tithings ogsixer League DC Universe Online Live Heroes & Villain Inactive
Blood Tithings ogsixer Guild World of Warcraft Zul'Jin Horde Inactive
Blood Tithings ogsixer Guild Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Covenant Republic Inactive
Murder n Mayhem Ruthless Engage Guild Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Covenant Imperial Inactive
Blood Tithings ogsixer Supergroup Marvel Heroes N/A N/A Game Closed
Blood Tithings Thorlin Guild Path of Exile Live N/A Somewhat Active